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Based on the real case of the Deep Water Horizon catastrophe, the game emphasizes how bounded rationality and cognitive biases influence decision-making processes and lead to unwanted outcomes.

The Rig

A Ready-Made Serious Game

Team Communication

Team performance critically depends on communication. In the heat of moment, communication - direct, precise and respectful - is key.  

Theory Meets Reality

A team is put in charge of a deep water drilling task. What looks easy at first glance, turns into a nightmarish situation, unnoticed by the team.

Real Practice Case

This serious game is based on the real case of the Deep Water Horizon catastrophe. The debriefing of the game creates an emotional twist and leaves the particpants with a lasting learning experience.

Team Performance

The game emphasizes how bounded rationality and cognitive biases influence decision-making processes.


The game tests the effectiveness of a team's decision making process and reveals inflection points.



Examples of Use Cases

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Use Case Nr. 1

Forge Stronger Bonds, Build Better Teams. ​

Strengthen your team communication. Miscommunication can lead to errors, missed deadlines, and hobbling team conflicts. "The Rig" provides a platform to practice and improve team communication skills in a challenging but risk-free environment.

Learning outcomes:

  • Realize the importance of psychological safety

  • Understand the necessity to commission someone as the Devil’s Advocate

  • Experience the urgency of precise communication

  • Bring everyone together as a team

Choose the right plan for you

Our Pricing Plans

Game Specifications

Duration: 3.5 hours

Teams: 2-20 teams (5 members per team)


For teams eager to test their ability to communicate and decide.

€ 99 / participant

Execution: By yourself


  • 1-hour online training for you

  • Briefing and debriefing material

  • Access to the software on a specific selected date


For teams seeking expert-guided, comprehensive decision-making training.

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  • XinBlue-certified professional trainer


  • 3-hours on-site delivery

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Customers say

See what our

The Rig deftly melds
theory with practice...

... it does a fantastic job of illustrating that the tension and communication breakdowns that appear when they play the simulation can lead to a chain reaction with dramatic results. This simulation allows students to explore the reasons behind these breakdowns and gives them the knowledge they need to recognize why they occur and how to stop them. A fantastic exercise that has a place in any course that seeks to equip students with the skills to navigate management challenges in situations of uncertainty, time pressure, and conflict. ”

Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 19.44.24.png

Joseph Lee

Director, the Alfred West Jr. Learning Lab at the Wharton School, The University of Pennsylvania



Your Task

As a Team of five you are supposed to manage drilling a borehole for oil extraction

  • Deep sea drilling is a tough and expensive business spanning across multiple companies. Deep sea drilling has two phases:


Explorative Drilling

  • During the explorative phase, the borehole is drilled and cemented for later production. Before separating the (explorative) drilling rig from the well head the annular space (lower end of the borehole) will be sealed with cement to avoid any outflows of gas or liquids.



  • After sealing, the production platform will be attached to the well head and start its business.


The simulation is about the last step during explorative drilling:

Cementing the well casing and the annular space. If the cement job fails, unexpected gas or liquids might enter the so-called riser.

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